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Aristocrat Walkin Humidors & Humidification/Cigars

Custom components built to client specifications

Small DIY closet conversions


Large Commercial Walkins

Delivered in a crate ready for installation

DIY or use your contractor

We can provide all the components--shelves, wall covering, ceiling, moldings, trim, humidification systems & lockers.

Cut to your specification or oversize & trim on site to fit.

Your choice of shelving to fit style & budget.

Veneer shelves start @ $7.50/ft, Solid Cedar @ $11.00/ft.

Walkin Humidor Checklist

Shelving-  Spanish cedar-solid, slotted or veneer.   12", 14" or 16" wide with a 2" lip

               2 ft to 8ft standard lengths.  Longer lengths available on request

               Shelf Standards-4ft to 8ft lengths

               Shelf Brackets-Flat or adjustable angle

               Mounting Screws

4-7 shelves per wall are common--depending on ceiling height, shelf angle & depth.

Wall & Ceiling covers-  4 x 8 sheets in 1/4", 1/2" or 3/4" thick Mahogany or Spanish cedar

Trim & Moldings-Spanish Cedar Door/Window Casing- 2 1/2" w x 96" long

                            Spanish Cedar Base Moldings-3" w x 96" long

                            Spanish Cedar Seam Covers/panel joints-1" w x 96" long

                            Spanish Cedar Inside Corner Covers-1/2"x1/2" x 96" long

                            Spanish Cedar Outside Corner Covers 7/8” x 7/8” x 96” long

 Spanish Cedar Crown Molding-2 3/4" or 3 1/2" x 96” long

Electronic Digital Humidification- Set & Forget systems from $299.00

B810-     Small Closet Conversion-50-100 cuft.

E700      Small Room Conversion or Residential Build-100-400 cuft.

XXL       Commercial Applications 500-1500+ cuft.

XXXL       Commercial Applications 500-1500+ cuft.

UH301/3    Commercial Application  1000-3000+ cuft  NEW

RO-5      Reverse Osmosis Filtration System-5 stage filtration

The Set & Forget systems combine the precise regulation (maintains 2% operating range) of the S&F control with reliability & lower cost of an "off the shelf"  humidifier modified to interface with the control.   Autofill options are available on all systems to eliminate refilling hassles.


UltraSonic Humidifiers for Walkin Humidors

Up to 3-4000 cu ft per unit

UH3001 Ultrasonic Humidifier

Low Profile output nozzle

18 1/4" x 12" high x 7 1/4" deep

$1439.00 including the Set & Forget Control

20% SPECIAL SAVINGS-$290.00  

Sale Price-$1149.00

Wall Mount Bracket-$75.00

Combo-Ultrasonic & R/O system-$75 bracket free

UH3003  Ultrasonic Humidifier

Long Output Cylinder (higher output)

Dimensions: 18 1/4" Wx 24" H x 7 1/4 " D

(includes output nozzle height)

$1439.00 including the Set & Forget Control

20% SPECIAL SAVINGS-$290.00  

Sale Price-$1149.00

Wall Mount Bracket-$75.00

Combo-Ultrasonic & R/O system-$75 bracket free

Ultra Sonic Combos
Ultra Sonic Combos

Evaporative/Fan Humidifiers for Walkin Humidors

40-1800 cu ft per unit

B810 w digital Set & Forget Control

Closet Conversions & Small Commercial Cab's

1 Gallon Capacity--40-100 cubic ft humidors

11"w x 11"d x 10 1/2"h

$299.00 including Set & Forget control

E700 w digital Set & Forget Control

Small-Medium Walkin or Closet conversion humidors

18 1/2" w x 10" d x 14" h

100-400 cubic ft.--3 gallon capacity

$399.00 including Set &Forget control

Control Options


Ultra fine water droplets evaporate immediately

No messy floors/shelves

Capacity-1000 to 4000 cubic ft

Output: 7.5 lb/hr or 20 gallons/day

Power use: 340 watts, 120 volts.  4 amp

weight-20 lbs

Reverse Osmosis system required

Connect to City Water Supply

AutoFill included

Control Options

Mounting Bracket

Spanish Cedar Surround-$99.00

Set & Forget w Bemis XXL

Set & Forget w Bemis XXXL

Set & Forget w XXL Humidifier

Precision Digital Control holds within 2%

Large LED Readout

5 Gallon Capacity--12-1500 cubic ft walk in

22"w x 14"d x 23"h

$499.00 including Set & Forget control

Set & Forget w XXXL Humidifier

Twin Fans for maximum output

Twin Water Bottles

5 Gallon Capacity-15-1800 cubic ft walk in

25" x 15.5" x 23" h

$539.00 including Set & Forget control

Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

5 stage purifier permits the use of tap water

in all humidifiers.  No more trips to the store

for distilled water.

Convenient Undersink or out of the way

installation. Simple "ice maker" type tap in.


Control Options

Includes Precision Digital Set & Forget Control-value-$249

insures best cigar environment