ARISTOCRAT Climate Controlled Cabinets
THC-Temperature & Humidity Control

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The Aristocrat THC series of cabinets are adaptations of the acclaimed Aristocrat Cabinet Humidors, with insulation & the associated peltier & electrical components added to allow for both precise RH & temperature control.

The new method of fabricating these humidors using computer controlled cutting technology & balancing the electronics vs the cooling demand, allows  significantly lower costs  over previous versions of temp/RH cabinets. 

There is a slight reduction in storage capacity due to the addition of insulation on the interior of the humidor when compared to it's humidity only Aristocrat counterpart. 

Each Aristocrat THC is equipped with peltier solid state cooling units designed by Bob Staebell to minimize the generation of condensate that can cause wide fluctuations in RH.

Temperature is maintained within 2 degrees.

RH is maintained within 2%.

Average Delta T-(maximum available temperature drop from ambient) is 20 degrees F.   (11 degrees Celcius)

Starting at $2199 & up
 Temperature & Humidity controlled

22"W x 25"D x 29"H        22" w x 25"D x 33" H
Aristocrat THC  End Table & DX Cabinet

22"W x 25"D x 40"H                 22"W X 25"D X 48" H
Aristocrat Plus THC Cabinet & Plus THC w/External Drawer
Available Now--Aristocrat Plus-48

38"W x 36"H x 20"D
 Aristocrat M-THC Cabinet
also available in 25D

38"W x 48"H x 20"D
Aristocrat M PLUS-THC Cabinet
Also available in 25D

Aristocrat THC Ultra Console Cabinets
40"-70" W x 30-36"H x 20-25" D

40"W x 60"H x  25"D
Aristocrat MxTHC 3660--Solid or Glass Doors 
Also Available in 19D

28"W x 23"D x 35"H
Majestic THC 24 Armoires

Aristocrat MxTHC-3674,  Aristocrat MxTHC-4874
 Above Left--40" x 74" x 25" D--with crown molding
Center-52" x 74" x25"D
Available in 19" depth also

Majestic 48 THC-54" W x 25" D x 76" H
Majestic 42 THC-46" W x 23" D x 74" H
Majestic THC-42 & 48 Armoires

52"W x 85"H x  25"D
Aristocrat MxTHC 4884 Armoires

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