ARISTOCRAT  Majestic 24" THC Armoire Cabinets
Each Aristocrat Armoire is hand crafted to precise specification.  The woods available range from Mahogany or Cherry to any of the exotic figured woods with spectacular grain patterns & the depth that only the best of quilted maples, crotch mahogany, etc can give.  Each Armoire is constructed with a precision face frame & massive proportionate base & crown moldings not found on other humidors.

Humidification system utilizing the Digital  Set & Forget Control is customized to each specific armoire to maintain within 1-2%RH at all levels of the cabinet. Average Delta T (available temperature drop below ambient) is 15-25 degrees F.

Dimensions:  Case  24" W x 74" H x 18" D                             Crown:  28" W x 74" H x 20"D

Majestic  24"  THC Cabinets
Starting at $3900.00
See  the OPTIONS page  page for additional wood & styling choices.
ARISTOCRAT Armoires are available 
in all wood selections & can be customized 
to meet the most discriminating needs

Majestic Armoire  24" THC-Walnut Burl 
Temp & RH control

Majestic Armoire 24" THC Dark Red Mahogany

Majestic Armoire 24" THC--Walnut Burl
note the bookmatch pattern

Majestic Armoire 24"THC 
Dark Red Mahogany
Majestic 24" Armoire--Light Brown Mahogany
Custom Crotch Mahogany Side Inlay Side Panels
Custom Family Crest & Crotch Raised Panel Doors

Majestic 24's with custom glass

Majestic 24 THC Dark Red Mahogany
Custom Crest

Majestic 24 THC Dark Red Mahogany
Note full extension shelves 

 See  the OPTIONS page  page for additional wood, glass  & styling choices.

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