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Mxt  Armoire 26.5
The Mxt  cabinet humidors offer a state of the art climate controlled cabinet-regulating  humidity within precise user determined parameters.  The Mxt series is not only an exceptional piece of furniture, it is one of the best values in $ per cubic foot of precision cigar storage.

RH is managed with the digital "Set & Forget" system. 

The fit, feel & finish of the Mxt cabinets is of fine heirloom quality furniture that are a hallmark of the Aristocrat Cabinet Humidors.

Dimensions (with Crown)
Mxt 26.5 --  60"H x40"W x 26 1/2"D 
Capacity- 3-500 loose cigars & 150 boxes.

 Mxt 19 --  60" H x 40" wide x 19" D
Capacity-3-500 loose cigars & 100 boxes

DIRECT PRICE-26.5" deep-- Starting at $2099.00**
DIRECT PRICE-19" deep-  Starting at $1949.00**
**Standard Cabinet with glass or flat panel doors, standard wood top and adjustable wood shelves.

THC Temperature & RH control-26.5- Starting at $3799.00**
THC Temperature & RH control 19.5- Starting at $3699.00**


Call for shipping quote -$250-325.00


The Aristocrat Mxt is available with all the fine options including the latest 'crown" series of top molding.  There are approximately 100 different combinations of wood & options available to customize this fine cabinet to meet precisely ones' requirements.  Please call to go over your specific desires as there is simply not enough room to list all the possible combinations.


Note: Door & trim elements are solid mahogany. 
Not MDF as used by other companies.

Mxt-Bullnose Crown Top
Beveled glass & burl door panels

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Shown at Top Left: Mxt 26.5
Glass upper doors & raised panel lower doors 
full ext. shelves, crown molding & ellipse inlay top. 

The Aristocrat Mxt offers flexibility in storage requirements. 

4 ea standard adjustable shelves for box storage are included. 

Shown at left--Full extension shelves--no more unstacking boxes to gain access to that 
"box in the back"  Note:  The full extension shelves are also vertically adjustable- to maximize flexibility.

Full Extension drawer is included on all Mxt cabinets for easy access to to loose cigars.
**Note the position of the drawer is at a comfortable working height.

Angled ventilation slots on the bottom allow cigars to be stored in any direction without 
blocking a slot.

The spanish cedar drawers will hold 3-500 loose cigars.

Central locking system -$75.00.

Precision accuracy of controls.  The "Set & Forget" digital system is lab certified within 2% for RH &  .5 degrees F for temperature.


Shown at left:Mxt 26.5
Glass upper & lower doors, full extension shelves, 
crown molding & ellipse inlay top. 

Custom Crown Molding Detail & Ellipse Edge Inlay Top

Bullnose Crown Molding Inlay Top
Massive solid mahogany top


Click here for Temperature & Humidity controlled Aristocrat MxTHC Cabinets

The  Optional full extension & shelves & included drawer are fully adjustable vertically in 1" increments.  This allows for maximum
flexibility in arranging your cigars collection.  Cost per full extension shelf--$65.00.

Note the clear top dual humidifiers for easy maintenance.  Additional recirculation fans are placed at strategic locations to ensure
uniform RH thoughout the humidor.

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