CIGAR OASIS Electronic Humidification
Aristocrat EXTEND Humidification System

Half Height Refill Cartridge--NEW

Half the height of the std. cartridge.
Allows for placement of the CO under 
the tray of the El Rey style humidors**.

**  Smaller size will shorten the duration
of the cartridge.

Cost:  $10.00 ea plus shipping

Regular Refill Cartridge for standard 
Cigar Oasis--$10.00 ea plus shipping


NEW-  Cigar Oasis Plus XL    Now with digital display

Unattended long-term reliable operation 

Designed specifically for small cabinet   humidification where space is at a premium. 

Small size - only 3.5"h x 2"w x 6"l 

Air flow has been increased to the same level as the EXTEND Humidifier shown below.

Resevoir is refillable with distilled water only.  No more cartridges to purchase.  Approx 1/2 the capacity of the EXTEND.

Power supply can be plugged in directly to the CO+, or used wth the  flat ribbon cable.

Preset to 70%, & may be user adjusted to personal preferences.

Replaceable wick for increased efficiency.

Suggested List-$129.00

SPECIAL- $108.99
Cable management grommet  can be included for those who wish to drill a permanent access whole for the power supply.
New-- Exclusively from Staebell & Associates
Aristocrat EXTEND Humidification System

Cigar Oasis technology combined with Set & Forget 
4-6X the airflow of the standard CO
Distilled water only for low cost refilling
2-4X the water capacity for extended use
Perfect for the 3-6 cubic foot cabinet!!
Additional Fans Available

Extend humidification-$139.00 plus $7.95 priority mail shipping

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