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ARISTOCRAT  Cabinet Humidors
Black Lacquer

Staebell & Associates as custom furniture makers can build your Aristocrat Cabinet Humidor in just about any style one can imagine.   These humidors are examples of  the pieces finished with black lacquer to a fine satin sheen.

A combination of the unparalled precision of computerized cutting technology & old fashioned hand craftsmenship & finishing. 

The net result is an exquisite piece of furniture & an outstanding humidor at an affordable price. 


*Self closing euro hinges, upper & lower magnets for secure seal 
*Solid Brass hardware 
*Adjustable shelves-full extension shelves 
*Note the full extension drawer for easy  access. 
*Commercial grade roller slides 
*Ventilation slots in the drawer are angled to allow versatile storage 
*Tempered glass  or flat panel wood door is standard. 

*Digital Set & Forget Electronic humidification is standard.

Available also with temperature & RH control

Aristocrat  MINI & MINI TALL Cabinet Humidors

Aristocrat MINI  Std. Top, Glass Door

Aristocrat MINI  Glass Top, Glass Door

Aristocrat MINI  Profile. Top, Cherry Door

Aristocrat MINI TALL  Std. Top, Flat Panel Door

Aristocrat MINI Tall DX-Profile Top, Glass Door

Aristocrat MINI Cherry Top & Door Panel


Aristocrat  End Table & DX Cabinet Humidors

Aristocrat DX Raised Panel Door

Aristocrat DX Custom Glass Door

Aristocrat DX Bevel Glass Door

Aristocrat  Plus Cabinet Humidors

Aristocrat Plus DX  Flush Top

Aristocrat Plus DX  Flush Top--Temp Control

Aristocrat Plus--Standard Top, Glass Door


Aristocrat  M & M Plus Cabinet Humidors

Aristocrat M Flush Top-flush raised panels

Aristocrat M Crown/Std Top

Aristocrat M Plus-Flat Panel Doors

Aristocrat M 25D  Sapele Top & Doors

Aristocrat M-DX  Mahogany Top & Doors


Aristocrat Armoires

Majestic 24

Mxt 26.5  3674

Mxt19.5  3660
Aristocrat Plus THC w DX external drawer for accessories.  Inset Door & Drawer design.
Aristocrat End Table w Glass Top

Aristocrat Ultra Console Humidors

Ultra 3 Door Console--60" L x 36" h x 25"D

Ultra Console w Display Section  60" L x 30" H x 20" D

Ultra 3 Door Console--60" L x 36" H x 25" deep  Black Dye

Ultra 2 Door Console w Glass Top--42" L x 29" H x 25" D


Digital Set & Forget System & Clear Top Humidifiers
Remote Fan in drawer area to ensure even distribuition



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